U.S. internship program 
 What is ‘J-1 VISA’

.J-1 VISA, hosted by the U.S. State Department, 
is a culture exchange visa that you can build your language skills 
and qualifications earning an annual salary of over $30,000 at local companies in the U.S.

J-1 Program Progress
Internship program in the U.S.! 
Why must it be CIDERLINK

Why is CIDERLINK’s U.S. paid internship good?

Direct management of local companies and the employed through the U.S. headquarters

One-to-one customized management through real-time communication between Korean branch offices and candidates

Exclusive recruitment for overseas corporations of large companies such as LG and CJ Group

Certified by Human Resources Development Service of Korean and the Ministry of Employment and Labor

Ability to manage an average of more than 2,000 candidates and the infrastructure in the locations per year

  We recruit only for proven companies!

We only recruit for the companies selected through direct 
and continuous evaluation and supervision by the U.S. headquarters.